Crusted Parmesan Salmon

Need a quick, healthy recipe for dinner?  This Crusted Parmesan Salmon is so easy and delicious. Wild-caught salmon has been called one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. It has one of the highest Omega-3 contents available. Omega-3 rich foods support healthy brain functions, bones and joints, as well as heart health. Salmon […]

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Adaptogenic herbs can help with stress

Adaptogenic herbs are a powerful way to strengthen your health. If you are under a lot of stress or feel anxious on a regular basis, learn more about how adaptogenic herbs could be the missing piece to feeling better. Adaptogenic herbs can help fight free radicals If you aren’t familiar with these herbs, here’s some basic […]

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Eat more high protein foods

As our lives get busier, most of us experience dips in energy. Healthy habits like getting a good night’s sleep, regular exercise and a whole foods diet all contribute to good energy. While these are certainly effective, many people just can’t seem to squeeze in regular time to exercise, or make fresh homemade meals, or […]

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