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You dreamed of owning your own business.  You made it happen.  Now you're finding that there's so much to do and at times it's a bit overwhelming.

Maybe you grew up hearing that you need to work hard to be successful.  You do work hard, but if you are not seeing the results (and profits) you want, it's time to work smarter with A.C.T.  Learn how to improve your results "by the numbers."  We will show you what to look for and then actions to take.  You deserve more success.  You're in the right place!  Click below to learn more.

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Your Biz SMARTS -- By The Numbers

Are you just getting started with your business and have 100 questions?  Have you been in business for a while but you are struggling to make any real money?  Or has your business grown quickly and you're working far too much?

A successful business is really based on several key sets of numbers.  Even if you think you are terrible with numbers we make this easy.  Donna J. Davis and Your Biz SMARTS specialize in explaining what various numbers mean, which to monitor, and what action steps to take to improve your results.  We provide simple solutions based on your business goals.

Whether you prefer online training guides, or you want more personalized help through consulting or accounting services, you'll find options at Your Biz SMARTS. Don't stay stuck and frustrated.  Find solutions that help you get better results.

  • Training Programs & Resources

    Looking for good, solid training programs to help you through the maze of building a successful business? Check out the Biz SMARTS Training tab.  You can read and study these trainings on your own schedule.

  • Business Consulting

    Helping small business owners identify and implement steps to save time and increase profit is my specialty.  If you want help understanding what action steps to take, ask me for more information on Business Consulting.

  • Accounting & Financial Analysis

    Need help with your record keeping system?  Would you like to understand more about what all those numbers mean on your financials?  Contact me about helping with your numbers!

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