Your busy lifestyle can burn up a lot of energy. To keep you going strong, use these 9 tricks for more energy. 

Try these tips to boost your energy:

  1. Create a regular exercise schedule and stick to it. Exercise is one of the easiest ways to find more energy on a daily basis.
  • Exercise boosts metabolism and helps you avoid feeling sluggish.
  • A regular exercise schedule is essential for seeing results. However, you can try different workouts and classes to keep things interesting.
  1. Balance your breakfast with both carbohydrates and protein. Eating a bagel with coffee may be easy in the morning, but most people need some protein to sustain energy throughout the morning. You’ll have more energy if you add peanut butter or meat to that morning bagel. Balancing carbs with protein is a key to boosting your energy.
  • Your breakfast matters in the hunt for more energy. Remember that the word “breakfast” means to break the fast while you were sleeping. So your body needs fuel. Breakfast doesn’t have to be a feast if you’re not usually a fan of the morning meal, but toast with avocado, or oatmeal with almond butter and cinnamon are still quick and easy options.
  • Do you love yogurt? Do you crave toast in the morning? You can combine yogurt with toast for a more balanced meal. Eggs and toast are another common breakfast staple that works.
  1. Try to catch the sunlight. Sunlight can be an invigorating force.
  • The brain relies on light to determine sleep and wakefulness patterns. By spending more time in the sun, you can find more energy. At least 30 to 40 minutes of sunlight a day can make a big difference in energy levels.
  1. Use essential oils. Essential oils have the power to change moods and affect stress levels.
  • Essential oils can be smelled or used on the skin. They can provide an instant energy boost.
  • Citrus is a popular aromatherapy choice because it has an uplifting aspect to it.
  • Basil can also help you because it wakes up the mind. Eucalyptus, mint, and rosemary are also useful aromatherapy oils for more energy.
  1. Add sweet potatoes to your meals. Sweet potatoes offer potassium and keep energy levels balanced. They’re also a good source of other vitamins and minerals. They’re known for having high levels of vitamin A. You can bake several sweet potatoes at a time and then refrigerate so you can easily heat up as a great snack or to add to your meal.
  1. Drink green tea. Green tea has an important amino acid that is linked to helping people stay more energized.
  2. Mash chia seeds and add them to smoothies. Chia seeds are high in protein and minerals.
  • Mashing chia seeds can make them easier to drink in your smoothies. You can also add them to your food. Sprinkle the seeds on top of salads, casseroles, or in your yogurt or smoothies.
  1. Stay hydrated in unique ways. Water is crucial for giving you the energy to keep going during the day. However, it can be challenging to drink plain water and get the required amount.
  • Add fruit or drops of therapeutic grade essential oils to your water to make it unique. You can combine pieces of lemon with pineapple, apple, or blackberries for a different taste.
  • Add more watermelon to your diet. If you’re trying to stay hydrated, watermelon can help you achieve the goal. It has high water content and gives you more energy.
  1. Snack on nuts throughout the day. Are you looking for a fast way to get more energy? Nuts have protein and vitamins. They’re a fast and convenient way to get an energy boost at work or at home. I always carry raw almonds with me. If my day runs long and I get hungry, nuts are my go too food!
  • The nutrients in nuts can create lasting energy that goes on for hours.

Simple tricks can help you discover more energy in your day. These tips will help you stay alert and focused.

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