Look around you. There are so many good things all around.

Beautiful scenery
A smiling face
A happy pet dancing and squirming when you walk in the door
An email from a friend
The sunshine
Fresh, hot coffee

The list could go on and on. There are dozens of wonderful things happening all the time. The phrase “Miracles Happen” is true. We just aren’t tapped into what’s going good for us. We focus on our problems and that can start us off on a downhill spiral.

In coaching sessions, we always start with “What’s going well?” to focus your attitude on all the wonderful things that went well that week. We also talk about any challenges, but we always start with what’s going well. So before you hop out of bed, say a “Thank you” for the morning and the magical things that lie ahead for you that day. If you are curious what health coaching can do for you, read more here.

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