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My energy has come back. I wake up happy!

I’ve had digestive problems most of my life. My doctors weren’t able to fully help me with my recurring issues so I’ve had this puzzle going on for the last few years. At the time I started working with Donna, my energy had hit an all-time low.

She taught me how to really listen to my body. I am now seeing what triggers my stomach problems and I am learning what to do nutritionally and emotionally to ease those.

In just two months, my energy has come back. I wake up happy, not exhausted. I feel so much better. I have fun with her program. The tools she has given me are incredible. Working with Donna is THE best thing I have ever done for my health, for me, and for my son!

Brandee C., Tucson, AZ - Client Services

I lost over 20 lbs. and have more self-confidence

When I started working with Donna I had two main goals: To lose the weight that I felt was holding me back from living the life I wanted to live, and to regulate my hormones so that I wouldn’t have two full weeks of terrible PMS anymore.

While I had done the work to educate myself on how to make healthy diet and lifestyle changes and had already begun my weight loss journey, it wasn’t until Donna brought my attention to a few key missing pieces of the puzzle that I was able to really gain momentum and make progress in areas that I had been frustratingly stuck in before.

Since working with Donna I have lost over 20 pounds, I have better energy, more self-confidence, less fear and self-judgments and have cut down my PMS symptoms to half of what they were before!

Donna is one of the most genuinely caring, knowledgeable and non- judgmental people I’ve met. Weight loss is not an easy feat but Donna gives you so many tools and tidbits of knowledge that you’re able to break down the seemingly monumental task of weight loss into smaller daily changes that add up and end up changing your life for the better. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Akilah B., Tucson, AZ - Acupuncturist

Helped me get clarity in my business

I wanted to send you this short note to thank you for the clarity, direction and health strategies you’ve brought to my life.

You possess such extraordinary skills on so many levels it’s hard to know where to start. When I first met you, I was looking for health strategies to enhance my overall energy level, increase my productivity, and to gain insights on how to maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle. You not only far exceeded my expectations on every level, but also helped me get a clarity in my business and professional direction I had not identified in the past.

You have a very unique combination of listening skills, perception, competence and knowledge that I’ve not seen anywhere before. And you have a great way of communicating and working with your clients that produces dramatic results. Thanks for sharing your amazing health, life, business, and professional expertise with me, and for making a meaningful difference in my personal and professional life.

I look forward to our continued working together, and referring your services to my personal and professional associates.

Craig F., Tucson, AZ - Business Owner

Your journey adds so much depth and support

Donna, it has been my extreme pleasure to have worked with you during our coaching sessions. Your coaching techniques have led me in a non-judgmental way to realize things that I hadn't thought about before and begin to grow - mentally, physically, and spiritually.

You have a kind heart and the ability to listen deeply. Because of your journey through life, you can add so much depth to support and encourage a client through his/her health journey. You are "real" and it is so nice to be in the presence of true authentic realness. Thank you!

Heather C., Palm Harbor, Florida

Helped in more areas than just my health!

When I started working with Donna I wasn’t entirely sure how I would achieve my end goals but with her help and guidance she has opened my eyes.

Donna showed me how to listen to not only my body, but also to my head and heart.

The way she was able to tailor the program specifically to me really drove me to better myself, not only for me but for my family as well. Donna cares and really listens and helped me in so many more areas than just my health!

Mary B., Tucson, AZ - Busy mom of 3

A master of her craft!

Donna is a master of her craft. She is smart and professional in her ability to dig deep and get personal in our sessions. Part tough love and part cheerleader, she has the ability to stretch me to make new discoveries about myself and motivate me to stay the course and achieve my goals!

Christine R., Virginia - Self-Employed

Felt better with tons of energy and mental clarity

I love the fact that your detox is only FIVE days! Along with the simple recipes and prep tips made this the first detox I have actually completed.

On day 5 I felt better than ever with tons of energy and mental clarity. I was also happy to see that I lost 4lbs and my belly is flatter and recovered from the holidays!

J. D., Livermore, CA

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