<p>Start your day off great. Do this easy 3-minute body stretch as soon as you wake up in the morning!</p><p>We all know that waking up on the wrong side of the bed and getting a rushed start to the day where you’re racing out the house with un-brushed teeth AND glugging down your coffee in the car is a bad sign.</p><p>Everyone wants to start their day on a good note, which means waking up in a good mood, calm and centered and energized for the day, which isn’t always the case, right? So why not give your body that stretch it deserves first thing in the morning instead of waiting ALL day long to go and do the exact same stretch at the gym or at yoga after work?</p><h3>Your 3-minute energy boosting body stretch:</h3><p><strong>STEP 1:</strong> Set a happy alarm 5 minutes earlier than usual Your body responds to messages you give it, so give it a happy ring to wake up to! Download your favorite tune or nature sound and use that as your happy alarm sound. Set it for 5 minutes earlier than usual. Your body will thank you.</p><p><strong>STEP 2:</strong> Start your body stretch as soon as you open your eyes Often when we over-plan to stretch our bodies and take too long to pick out just the right exercise leggings or the right room to stretch in, by the time we are ready to start stretching we are demotivated or distracted or derailed, So, carpe diem, seize the day by starting your stretch even before you get out of bed! It’s simple. Just lie down, stretch your legs out and reach your arms overhead and really stretch your body, or sit up in bed and do the same, this time stretching your arms up to the ceiling.</p><p><strong>STEP 3:</strong> Finish your body stretch right next to your bed The KEY here is to honor these 3 minutes you have set aside to stretch your body. So the trick is to FOCUS your attention inward, breathe DEEP inhales and exhales and stretch up to reach for the sky. You can clasp your fingers overhead to keep your hands together to deepen the stretch.</p><h3>How will this 3-minute body stretch boost my energy?</h3><p>You know how sometimes on a chilly morning you crank on your car a little earlier to get the engine warmed up and the heat circulating faster inside the car? The same is true for our bodies. All we really need to get going is a little kickstart for the day and a simple stretch as soon as you wake up will do it. Try this and see if you feel an energy boost to start your day!  </p>

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