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Do you feel…

Stuck and you don’t know what to do to move forward?

Tired from giving so much to your family and career?

Constantly stressed from work, family, or both?

Frustrated with health challenges that seem to be getting worse?

It can be confusing to know what to do, right? Where do you start?

When you are feeling stuck and frustrated, it’s important to first stop (or at least slow down) the criticism in your head for not being able to figure this thing out! That just guarantees you stay stuck!

For years, I lived in Stuck-ville. I worked in jobs I was good at but didn’t enjoy. I was struggling with serious adrenal fatigue, so I didn’t have any energy to make a change. I was under high stress professionally and personally and because of the chronic stress, I went through several cancers. I was a mess! (In looking back, I thought getting unstuck and healthy again would be harder than it really was. I just didn’t know the secrets then that I’m about to share with you now!)

You may have heard the quote by Albert Einstein, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Can you relate? Are you ready to do something different? If so, I want to remind you that… 

You know more than you think you do – you may just need a roadmap.

We can get confused with all the information out there. Some of it can be helpful and some is just plain confusing. When we’re not feeling our best, we doubt ourselves and keep looking outside ourself for that magic answer. The problem with that is that you are unique. You are beautiful, giving, wise and imperfectly perfect. In your “stuckness” you’ve just forgotten that.

If you’re old enough to remember the Wizard of Oz movie, young Dorothy found herself in another land and all she wanted to do was to go home again. At the end of the movie, she learned she had what she needed all along to get back home. Glinda, the Good Witch, reminded Dorothy,

“You’ve always had the power, my dear — you just had to learn it for yourself.”   

So today’s reminder is that you do have answers and wisdom. You may have forgotten that and you may need help in re-connecting the dots to regain your clarity to move forward. You can feel vibrant, healthy, strong and focused again — baby step by baby step.

To help you get started, if you haven’t already requested my free ebook, you can start there. If you are feeling really stuck, then I invite you to schedule a free call with me. This is a time when we can discuss where you are now and what’s been holding you back. There’s no pressure. Just time to get clearer on your possible next steps.

You’ve given so much to so many others for years. Isn’t it time to receive a little help (especially when it’s free!)  Go here to schedule a time that’s convenient for you. Remember to give me your best phone number and I’ll call you then.