Usually on weekends, my husband and I will watch a movie on Amazon or on Netflix. Recently we watched “Miracles from Heaven” starring Jennifer Garner. The movie is about a true story of a family’s journey through their daughter’s rare and incurable digestive disorder.

The movie is a tear-jerker as the mother and father make difficult decisions to help their daughter. The message underneath the story line though is what touched me deeply.

Einstein is quoted as saying, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

While the big miracle in the movie is that the girl is healed after surviving a tragic accident, there are many “miracles” that happened from small actions by several people that we learn about at the end of the movie. All of those small acts had a significant impact on this family.

So often we go through our days and we’re overwhelmed by all we have to do, or focused on what’s not going well. We can be affected by what someone said or did, and we worry about the “what ifs.” And all that worry and stress can take a huge toll on our health.

So what can we do?

Focus on your blessings

Instead, what if we wake up and focus on all our blessings. All the many, dozens of miracles that happen all the time (because they really do). There are small things and big things that many times we take for granted. Yet all those people and things are weaving together for our good…even if it doesn’t seem that way at the time.

Do you worry a lot?

Do you plan out everything you do?

Do you need to be in control of everything or it drives you crazy?

My life used to be yes, yes, and yes to those questions. And I realize that all the planning and controlling I did really only caused me more and more stress, which seriously affected my health. And looking back, 99% of all the things I worried about never happened any way!

Start your day with curiosity

So tomorrow morning, instead of dreading your day, or worrying about your family, your finances, or your work, start your day with awe and wonder. Get excited about what amazing things lie ahead of you. Get curious about how great your day will be.

Focus on the good. Miracles happen ALL the time. Start looking and see the miracles happening. Then say, “Thank you God/Universe! One more please!”

Power of Gratitude

When you see the good, say “Thank you.” When someone does something nice, say “Thanks.” When you see someone struggling, say something positive to them. Something as simple as a smile or a compliment can work miracles for someone.  Take time to really see all the good in your life and to feel true gratitude.

Expect miracles and live as though “everything is a miracle” as Einstein says. Express your gratitude. When you do life becomes so much easier. When you start making this shift, watch what happens to your health!
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