Do you love to read a good mystery book and find yourself playing the detective? Or watch a movie that’s filled with the familiar twists and turns of who did it?

Do you enjoy figuring out solutions to challenging problems, or puzzles, or mysteries?

If you are not feeling your best that can be one of the biggest (and sometimes most frustrating) mysteries you face! If you are struggling with a health concern or if something isn’t working in your life right now, instead of beating yourself up or reading a dozen books on how to fix that, put on your detective hat and follow the clues!

Did you know that when you make some key connections and solve that mystery, it can be one of the best ways to improve your health?

While I love to learn, the key that majorly improved my health didn’t come from a book. It came from learning to listen to my body. Yes, information can be very helpful to spark the curiosity, but slowing down (at least a little) and getting in touch with my body and what’s going on was vitally important to making the changes that completely transformed my health.

And the great part about this is that you have the same tools to do this for yourself!

That sounds simple, right? Yet, for many of us, simple doesn’t mean easy to do. We aren’t tuned in to hear what’s going on with us. We can figure out a new software program on our computer, but we may not have a clue as to why we have headaches all the time.

We don’t realize how certain foods are affecting our energy, our moods, or our brains. We may not realize the extent that all the stress from family or work is taking.

To help you solve this mystery, here’s a simple tracker.

Print this off or download to your phone and track what you eat, how you slept, and how you feel for 7 days. This can give you a wealth of information.

Start paying more attention to how various foods, people, and situations affect you. This can be a major piece in solving the mystery of why you aren’t feeling your best.

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