First things first.  When was your last blood work done?  Have you had a complete physical and blood work?  It’s important that you see your doctor so you know if there’s anything medically affecting your health.  Not knowing or self-diagnosis can be dangerous.  Work with your doctor and ask a lot of questions.  If certain areas of your blood work are not within the normal range, ask what that means and what your doctor suggests.

Your fatigue could be from something serious.  After I married Bill, I became full-time mom to his two very young and active boys.  We moved into a new home several months later and I thought my fatigue came from becoming an instant mom combined with the wonderful task of moving!  When Bill saw the severe bruising on my arm, he insisted I go straight to the emergency room.  I did but unfortunately the young intern on duty completely missed the signs.  He asked if I had taken any aspirin.  I said that I had been really busy moving and, yes, I had taken some aspirin.

So he sent me home.  A month later when the bruising wasn’t going away, I saw my primary care doctor.  I had a complete panel of blood work done.  The results came back and almost every reading was completely flip-flopped.  What should have been high was low.  What should have been low was high.  I was in serious trouble.  More tests were run and I was diagnosed with hairy cell leukemia.

So even though I found many ways to increase my health after the cancer was gone, I still needed to get treatment for the disease first.  So if you haven’t had a physical and blood work, get that done first.  If you are not facing a serious illness, then you can begin exploring ways to increase your energy.

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