Remember years ago when we were first told to avoid fats? Then we saw all these “low-fat” foods on the market for so many different types of products. The manufacturers and advertisers were promoting that eating “low-fat” was healthier, but to get many foods lower in fat, sugar in various forms was added.  As a health coach, one of the things that I teach clients is to read labels and to see just how much sugar is in the food they’re choosing.

Healthy foods are essential to our bodies. Eating a small handful of almonds or some raw sunflower seeds can help you feel full longer to avoid those dangerous snack attacks!  Consider carrying a small baggie of healthy fat foods, like raw almonds with you.  Instead of snacking on unhealthy foods like chips or high sugar foods like candy bars, almonds or other nuts and seeds are a great alternative.  As the following article says, the best food choices are always whole unprocessed foods, whenever possible.

Fat is making a comeback

MIAMI (CBSMiami) –  As more people move away from processed food they are rediscovering full-fat basics.

Leslie Ivarson is a personal trainer. She tries to make healthy food choices for herself and her family.

“What you’re putting in your mouth is really important” she said.

Leslie eats healthy by including healthy fat in her diet.

“I eat a lot, but the stuff I eat is real food,” she explained.

Healthy fats are mono and poly-unsaturated fats. They are found in foods like olive oil and nuts. Some research suggests that dairy fats may also help with weight loss, because they make you feel full.

Libby Mills is a registered dietitian with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She applauds the shift towards fuller fat food.

“Over a decade ago it was very popular for people to seek out fat-free foods, but lately people are learning there are good fats,” she said.

In a recent edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers called on the federal government to drop restrictions on total fat consumption in dietary guidelines for Americans, which will be updated later this year. As Mills explains, it is not that fat is bad, you just need to read labels and watch your total fat intake.

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