On a scale of 1 to 10 how do you rate on self-care? Do you appreciate you and who you are and what you do, or do you regularly beat yourself up for everything you haven’t done?

Right now, take a minute and do a quick check-in. How do you feel? Are you feeling good about yourself?

Now, be honest. What came up for you? Were your first thoughts “I feel tired,” “I feel fat,” “I am so stressed.” “I don’t even have time to think about how I feel!” “I’m late…AGAIN!”

Or was it…”I look amazing!!” “I did a great job expressing my feelings.” “I found a delicious, healthy recipe!” “I have a great book to read before bed.”

Too often we default to criticizing ourself or looking at whatever we see as less than perfect. Most times, especially as women, we don’t see all the amazing qualities we have to offer. We were each created with our own unique, unrepeatable talents, abilities, and ways of expressing that no one else in this entire world has in the exact same way as we do. Yet we often compare ourselves and feel we fall short.

Fatigue and feeling “not enough”

Did you know that fatigue can be a physical symptom of feeling “not enough”? Not good enough, not doing enough, not smart enough, not young enough, not healthy enough, etc. So we push harder, we do more, we take more classes. We try to be SuperWoman — whether that’s with our family, in our job or business, or never taking time for ourselves. We often put taking care of ourselves at the bottom of the list. We do, do, do and go, go, go until we have nothing left. We’re empty. We feel exhausted.

So it’s time to shift that. Go back to what you said to yourself when you first checked in with yourself. Start with simply appreciating something about yourself.  You really are amazing. You are beautiful. You have so much wisdom — some of which you may never have tapped into. You do a fabulous job at so many things — pick one and give yourself a pat on the back.

And think of one thing that you can do for yourself today that’s just for you. Maybe it’s taking a long relaxing bath. Maybe it’s taking 10 minutes to read the book that’s been on your nightstand for two months. Maybe it’s taking a walk or going to yoga. What is one thing you can do for yourself today to replenish you?

Taking care of ourselves is such an important step in regaining our energy and our health. Program an alarm in your phone each day and when that goes off, ask yourself “What can I do today to take a little better care of myself?”

If you feel stuck, lost, or discouraged, I truly understand. I was my own worst critic for years. I pushed so hard to do more that I reached the point of complete exhaustion.  I got sick and couldn’t function any more. If you just can’t see the way out of the exhaustion, the busyness, or the stress, contact me. Many times it’s helpful to work through this with someone who can help you uncover what’s really going on. I can give you simple steps that won’t add more “To Do’s” to your day.

For now…take 30 seconds and take 4 long, deep breaths. And sell your SuperWoman cape (or Wonder Woman sword) on eBay!

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