Energy levels tend to ebb and flow throughout a person’s life, and when it is low there can be many reasons. Becoming easily fatigued or lack of energy is a sign of most physical disorders, illnesses, and even mental health problems. Feeling consistently tired can also stem from poor nutrition. Sometime there is a problem with absorbing necessary nutrients, and sometimes it’s simply from eating the wrong foods for you.

Make your energy levels go from low to WOW!

Eat healthy meals more often

The better you eat, the more energy you will have! Make sure your meals and snacks are as healthy as possible. For an energy boost, eat foods that are alkaline-forming. These include almonds, leafy green vegetables, celery, cantaloupe, dates, molasses, figs beets, and parsley Make sure you get enough protein in your diet. Cut back on your consumption of sugar. It is also important that you avoid anything that is made with enriched white flour.

Sleep the same time every night

Sleep is the body’s method of replenishing energy. The body’s rhythm responds to darkness and light, informing it when to take some rest. When your body’s rhythm is interrupted, illness, irritability, and fatigue can be the result. If one hour of sleep is lost in a single night, make sure you an extra hour or so each night to slowly make it up.

Did you know that psychologists say that the thoughts you have before drifting off to bed at night and the ones you have when you first wake up are the most important of the day. By clearing up the clutter in your bedroom and life, you will surely have better, more positive, and happier thoughts getting in and out of bed.

Don’t ignore stress

Stress is an enemy to anyone’s energy levels. So, avoid it as possible. It is widely known that prolonged stress can lead to health problems, but they can also be a major zapper of energy. So take control of stress early on. Focus on problems as they come up, and solve them quickly. Combat anxiety and stress with relaxing pastimes for example listening to music, reading, and yoga and feel your energy levels benefit.

I specialize in helping busy people identify and better manage stress. Chronic stress is so damaging to your body and no matter what else you do, if you are under constant stress, you won’t be able to feel your best. If you would like some support on managing stress or looking at how you can increase your energy, please contact me. Schedule a complimentary session with me here.

Find an exercise you love

Exercise releases ‘feel-good’ endorphins. It also helps release stress, which can improve your energy levels. Of course having a good level of fitness is the best way to improve health and give your body increased stamina and to enjoy energetic pursuits for even longer times. Yet, if you are tired, doing any type of exercise feels like the absolute last thing you want to do.

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