I had a full day of appointments yesterday and as I was driving home I was so hungry. I knew I had a lot of leftovers in my refrigerator and I thinking of what to have for dinner that was a little different. I previously posted about the advantages of cooking chicken in the crock pot and then shredding it to use for a variety of dishes. Here’s what I threw together in a couple of minutes.

Quick, easy dinner with chicken and black beans

1 15 oz. can of organic black beans
Shredded chicken
Organic pizza sauce
Shredded organic mozzarella cheese (optional)

Drain and rinse the black beans. Add to small pot with shredded chicken and pizza sauce. Heat through. If you want to add cheese, add that after chicken and black bean mixture heats through.

I don’t usually eat many white potatoes. Sweet potatoes are usually my go-to food. When I’m really hungry though, I find that a white potato will really help fill me up. My husband cooks our potatoes (white and sweet) on the grill. It doesn’t heat up the kitchen and we can cook these and have a couple on hand in the refrigerator.

So within a few minutes, I had a delicious, healthy meal. Sometimes when we get so hungry it’s easy to pull into a fast-food place and get something in our belly. Yet by having some foods prepared and in the refrigerator, it’s easy to prepare a great tasting, healthy meal. By just cooking a few things ahead of time (or making a little extra), it saves time, money, and regret from eating something you later wish you hadn’t eaten!

If you missed my earlier post on how to make easy shredded chicken, you can read that here.

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