Dr. Bernie Siegel talks about how to fight for your life.  You deserve to feel good, to feel healthy, to take charge of your health.  What you think about can have a major impact on how you feel.

While he specialized in treating cancer patients, his advice applies to any health challenge you may be facing.  If you are not fighting a major illness, that’s wonderful.  However, if you are struggling with debilitating fatigue, listen to Dr. Siegel’s words and start today to make some changes in your life and how you think.

In this video, Dr. Siegel talks about patients listening to music during surgery.  I did that.  I created a tape (yes, it was before MP3 players), and I took it into the operating room with me.  My mind was flooded with positive messages and healing words.  I woke up from the surgery knowing I was on the road to excellent health. So start today.  See yourself healthy.  See yourself energetic.  Step into your vibrant energy.  See it and believe it.


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