We’ve been talking about gut health recently. For me, my guy health dramatically improved when I went gluten-free and also cut out sugar. Let’s explore more about the effects gluten can have on your gut, your energy, and your overall health.

Many people decide to eat gluten-free due to a medical condition called Celiac disease. This means that Celiac suffers lack the enzyme necessary to process gluten, a protein found in wheat. Other people simply choose to go gluten-free due to sensitivity to gluten or wheat.

For the rest of the population, there may be no definitive health guidelines to prove the benefits of eating gluten-free, but your body will tell you if you should avoid gluten. One of the fastest ways to determine if you should eat gluten-free, is to eliminate it from your diet for an extended period of time (14-28 days) and see if it’s right for you.

Diagnosing celiac disease requires a biopsy of the small intestines and / or a blood test. Many people with celiac disease don’t have any symptoms that can be pinpointed but they often report having body pain, stomach issues, and other problems that are often misdiagnosed as autoimmune problems. Celiac disease can actually be very dangerous and even cause death due to intestinal cancers developing in some individuals if not treated properly.

If you’re concerned that you may have gluten intolerance, talk to your doctor. So many people today have sensitivities to gluten. It may not only be the gluten but the chemicals that are used when growing the grains! So you can give your body a rest by not eating gluten and see how you feel. Keep in mind that by eating gluten-free you are eliminating a source of B Vitamins which are very important to good health. Supplement and replace nutrients accordingly when eliminating certain foods from your diet.

If you have any of the following conditions a gluten-free diet may help:

* Brain Fog
* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
* Chronic Migraines
* Depression
* Irritable Bowel Syndrome
* Joint Pain
* Severe Stomach Pain
* Skin Rashes
* Weight Loss

This is just a small list. But, if you have these or a lot of nonspecific symptoms that your doctor doesn’t seem to be able to cure, try doing a gluten elimination diet. Sometimes there is damage in the gut that needs to be repaired over time, so sometimes a short-term gluten elimination may not be enough, but it’s a place to start and see how you feel during that time.

Gluten hides in a lot of things and even the smallest amount can affect people so begin to read labels. If you do suffer from an achey gut, the best diet is one that included whole, unprocessed foods. I eat sugar-free and gluten-free and I’ve accumulated a lot of recipes over the years. I’ll post various recipes here and on my Facebook page. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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