I learned a lot of lessons when I was researching how to eliminate my constant fatigue.  Many of those involved reducing the stress in my life.  In order to reduce the stress, it was important for me to simplify as much as possible.

We live in a world that demands more and more from all of us in shorter periods of time.  We turn around and the house is a mess.  Our work space is piled high with extra work that should have been done yesterday.  Our kids have kids and we want to be there for all of them.  The demands on our time and energy don’t stop.

There are a lot of books on simplifying by showing people how to declutter their homes, their offices, and their lives. I wrote this book from a different perspective.  To truly simplify my life, I had to start from inside.  I had to look at my priorities and my values.  It was necessary to release not just extra material things, but resentments of what I thought others did or did not do.  It was about setting boundaries so I could take better care of myself.  I wrote this to share what I needed to do on a regular basis to reduce the stress which helped reduce the fatigue.  There are many key points to help you better control your time and energy.  It’s all about how to simplify to eliminate fatigue.

If you’d like to learn more, check out my book “Simplify: Eliminate Fatigue and Stress through Simple Living” on Amazon.  Then let me know your thoughts and which ideas connected with you the most.

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