In the last post, I asked “What do you want?” So did you take some time to think about what you really want? Life is filled with choices – we get to choose what we want and what we’ll do to get that.

Some people know exactly what they want. They may just not know how to get there.

Some people want to lose 30 pounds. Some want to have more energy. Others want to be able to get a good night’s sleep. What was on your list? If you haven’t taken time to actually WRITE this down, please do so today. Writing down what you want has a power much greater than just thinking about it. There’s something about seeing that on paper that starts pulling you toward that result.

So the next question is two-fold. What are you willing to do to get that result? And what will you not do?

Does that second part sound strange to you? Does it feel like you “shouldn’t” say what you won’t do because then you aren’t committed fully? It’s perfectly ok to know what you aren’t willing to do. (Now just a word here — if you want to lose 30 pounds but you aren’t willing to give up your junk food and eating loads of sugar, then you should go back and really ask yourself if losing 30 pounds is really important to you. You can’t get what you want if there’s not some positive change you ARE willing to do.)

When you get real with what you want, what you’re willing to do, and what you won’t do, it clarifies your process more. For example, I want to eat healthy but I’m not willing to spend and extra 2 hours every day cooking. I don’t want to rearrange my day to carve out that extra time every day. I do cook and use fresh ingredients so that does take some time, but I make meals where I have leftovers so my husband and I have lunches already made for the next day (or more).

I’m also not willing to eat completely vegetarian. I know some have a lot of reasons for choosing that and I totally respect their decision. For me, I’ve learned that my body does need some animal protein to function at its best.

But I am willing to give up sugar and gluten (and I have done that). I am willing to carve out some time on the weekends to plan and prep my meals for the next few days so I know I’ll be eating healthy foods. I love finding new recipes to try to add more variety in our meals. And I am willing to go for my walks several days a week, and to stretch and tone on my Pilates Gym. This combination gives me an abundance of energy, keeps me at my ideal weight, and the assurance that I’m doing everything I can to strengthen my body and my immune system to avoid hearing the cancer diagnosis…yet again.

So go back to whatever it is that you want for your health? Now write down what you are willing to do. What will you change? What are you not willing to do. Are you uncertain of HOW to get the result you want? Stay tuned. I’ll write more about that next post. And if you feel like you need some help one-on-one, please schedule time to talk with me. Just go to my online calendar and book a 20 minute call with me.

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