Is feeling tired all the time a normal thing for you? Are you just dealing with the fatigue or has it become a burden? Who wants to feel exhausted all the time? Who wants to have low energy levels? Who wants to turn down party invitations every time just because of tiredness? That was me for years! Here are some things that can make you feel tired all the time.

Sugar overload

When you body is loaded with sugar, you will definitely feel tired all the time. This is because high level of sugar in the blood often results in the all too familiar energy crash.

When you are hungry or tired, your cravings for sugar increase. This is because your body needs energy and the fastest way to get that is from refine sugar in candies and chocolates. Energy from sugar is easily consumed by the body so you feel instantly energetic after eating sweets.

However, the body has to react and balance out the high level of sugar in the body. The brain will signal the pancreas to produce insulin and when insulin is released, the sugar level will surge low and this will result to energy crash.

Caffeine overload

The easiest way for most people to stay active even during the night is by drinking coffee or taking in caffeine. Although caffeine can seem to be an easy fix for being tired, it is also the easiest way back to being tired.

When you consume too much caffeine, your body will feel tired. Just like sugar, caffeine can increase your energy but when you experience a crash, you will feel extremely exhausted. Caffeine enhances the secretion of adrenaline. If you always drink caffeinated drinks and your adrenal glands always produce adrenaline, you will have adrenal burn out. This means that your body cannot produce enough adrenaline and you will feel extremely exhausted.


When people talk about tiredness, they often regard it as a result of too many physical activities. However, did you know that inactivity can also cause tiredness?

If you are always sitting in front of your computer and not moving enough, you will feel lethargic. Therefore, do not slouch on your desk or on the sofa all day. Get up and move around. Do some exercises or do some house chores. If you are in the office, get out of your desk and take a short walk outside. This will maintain the energy level in your body.


Does this one surprise you? It is very tiring to think about negative things always. Remember a time when you were around someone who was so negative. Then think of a time when you were around someone who was positive and optimist.

Negative people and negative thoughts drag us down. Pessimism increases stress and therefore, it increases tiredness and mental strain. There are many reasons why people feel so negative about almost everything. It can be because they do not like their jobs or they may be having problems in the family, but recognize this and don’t let their negativity rub off on you.

Be optimistic. Look at the bright side of things. This will keep you motivated and this will also decrease the stress and anxiety you are feeling.

What one of these was most interesting for you? Pick one to do or change this week and let me know how you feel.

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